A WOMAN saved a toddler's life after she fell into a pond in the West End park.

Victoria Crane, 27, was at Victoria Park on Tuesday celebrating her birthday when she saw a two-year-old girl being pulled out of the water barely conscious at around 3pm.

She immediately started giving first aid to try and resuscitate the youngster.

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Victoria told Glasgow West End Today: "It was my birthday, and we had been going to an inflatable play park but the place was busy so we went to Victoria Park instead.

"We were sitting on a bench by the statue when an older man shouted that he had pulled a wee girl out of the water.

"We were the closest people to him, so I ran over.

"I had done brief first aid training going through college but I never really expected to have to use it, especially on such a small child.

"I took the girl and put her in the recovery position. She had brought up a lot of water, which was good."

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Victoria says after around 15 minutes on the phone she was told to give CPR after she saw the child's chest was no longer rising. 

She said: "The chest compressions and the mouth-to-mouth were going on for about five minutes when the girl started making a noise, as if she was coming round - and that’s when the paramedics arrived."

Victoria says she had been with the girl for around 25 minutes before paramedics arrived. 

One of the crew later told her she had saved the toddler's life and she was going to be okay.

Following the incident, Victoria is now urging parents to stay vigilant if they have young children near water. 

A Scottish Ambulance Service spokesperson said: "We received a call at 3.17pm on July 26 to attend an incident at Victoria Park.

"We dispatched five resources to the scene, including our special operations team and trauma team, and transferred one patient to hospital."