A CITY ASDA worker has been labelled a credit to her community after she paid for a customer's shopping when their card declined.

The woman, who works in the Summerston branch of the supermarket chain, delved into her own pocket when the stressed-out customer couldn't pay £63.34 at the checkout.

The tale appeared on the community Facebook page No1Seems2Care run by Milton activist Alex O'Kane and has gone viral on the platform.

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The customer, who it is believed went into the shop last week, said: "I went into the store on Thursday to get a shop.

"When it came to paying my card got declined.

"This lovely checkout woman paid for my shop. It came to £63.34.

"This lovely woman Eleanor could see me stressing out as I had my 10-month-old baby and stepdaughter.

"I couldn’t get a hold of my partner, she let me use her phone also.

"I returned to the store with the money for Eleanor. She said I looked trustworthy and it was her good deed for the day.

"When Evelyn could see I was stressed she kept telling me to calm down it was OK.

"I suppose I just wanted to thank Eleanor for her help and kindness. It meant a lot to me."

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Glasgow Times:

Alex said: "The thought of a checkout lady paying a £63.34 bill for a complete stranger really is remarkable.

"Eleanor made that decision based simply on faith, trust and humanity - she knew the lady was having a bad day and she believed she would return the money, which she did.

"Eleanor said it was 'her good deed for the day'.

"Eleanor is a credit to ASDA Summerston and we hope the management, and all of the customers see this.

"We are so touched by this that we are currently trying to get Eleanor's actions acknowledged at a completely different level.

"Thank you, Eleanor, people like you restore our faith in humanity."