HOLLYWOOD actor Ryan Gosling has tucked into a Scottish teacake as part of a snack challenge.

The movie star was filmed by Tyla trying the popular snack and the moment was shared on Tik Tok revealing he had some unusual questions about it.

Gosling, 41, who shot to fame starring in the 2004 romantic drama The Notebook, said "wow" after one bite of the teacake.

Noting its dome appearance - which features Italian meringue similar to marshmallow and is covered in chocolate, he then joked, "You can destroy it and then enjoy it."

He added: "Where's the tea?" when the interviewer handed the box of Tunnock's teacake to him without the refreshment.

He said: "It seems like it's pretty vital to the teacakes. It's just a cake."

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Glasgow Times:

The teacake was developed by Sir Boyd Tunnock in 1956 and continues to be manufactured from their Uddingston factory today. 

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Glasgow Times:

It featured in the Commonwealth Games in 2014 with dancing teacakes in the opening ceremony. 

Canadian star Gosling is currently starring in The Gray Man on Netflix.

Watch here: 

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