A teenager has claimed she went hungry after being made to stand in a hallway for hours as a child.

The 19-year-old stated she suffered abuse at the hands of Jean Mills, 68, and daughter Gayle McGregor, 37, at properties in Glasgow's Southside between 2008 and 2017.

The witness told Glasgow Sheriff Court that she was repeatedly slapped on the face by Mills and ordered to wait in her hallway as a form of punishment.

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She stated that she would wait for "hours" at night before being sent to bed without dinner.

The witness added that McGregor smashed a moneybox - her deceased mother's only possession - after throwing at her during an argument.

The teenager is the second person to come forward to claim they were abused by the pair.

Her half-sister earlier told the jury that she was also made to stand in the hallway for hours - sometimes naked and without food.

She also claimed that she was made to wash her mouth out with a kitchen brush after swearing at Mills.

Mills, of the city's Toryglen, denies charges of cruelly and unnaturally treating the women.

She also pleads not guilty to separate charges of wilfully illtreating and assaulting them.

McGregor, of Kings Park, faces charges of assaulting both women.

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The teenager told the jury in evidence that she was six or seven when Mills first attacked her at a property in Kings Park.

She claimed she was slapped after she swept up the floor and was "not doing it right."

The teenager claimed the next occasion Mills slapped her was after she stole £10 from her.

Prosecutor Hannah Sweeney asked what force was used and she replied: "Strong."

The teen added: "I told her I didn't take the money and was made to stand in the hall."

Miss Sweeney said: "How long were you made to stand in the hall?"

The witness replied: "A couple of hours."

Miss Sweeney said: "Did you get dinner that night?"

The witness replied: "No."

The teenager told the court of further occasions she was slapped - including after receiving a bad report card.

She added that she was also branded a "liar" by Mills after claiming a teacher mixed up a badly behaved child with her in a case of mistaken identity.

The teen said she was made to stand in the dining room until she admitted that it was her.

Miss Sweeney asked if she was telling the truth and the teenager replied: "No - my legs were sore and I was tired."

The teenager claimed that she was also not given food on that occasion.

The witness stated that she told a teacher about the abuse but nothing came from it.

Miss Sweeney asked how she felt about that and the teenager replied: "Angry."

The jury later heard that the witness and McGregor had an argument of an issue surrounding a Facebook account and a mobile phone.

The teenager sobbed when she said that McGregor picked up a money bank given to her by her dead mother.

Miss Sweeney quizzed the teen on what happened to it.

She replied: "It hit off the wall and it smashed and broke."

She added that McGregor also grabbed books from shelves and put a jewellery box in the bin.

The witness also claimed that McGregor pulled her hair during the incident.

The trial continues before Sheriff Joan Kerr.