A North Glasgow resident has hit out at a "dangerous" playpark within what she believes is a 'neglected' estate.

Julie McMillan, 62, has lived in the Wyndford Estate since 1964 and is dissatisfied with the general maintenance of her home.

Having grown up there, she said the difference between how she remembers the site and its current state is "awful".

She is especially upset about the local playpark, which she says has been left in disrepair.

Glasgow Times: Julie McMillan, 62Julie McMillan, 62

Glasgow Times: She is upset about the "state" of Wyndford EstateShe is upset about the "state" of Wyndford Estate

Glasgow Times: A plaque awarded to the estate in 1968A plaque awarded to the estate in 1968

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The Glasgow mother said: “The playpark, in particular, is actually dangerous. Young people are actually in danger when they use it, things are broken and unrepaired.

"This playground was here when we were young, children played in it. Now, it’s totally been neglected and it’s as if it was left to go derelict."

Glasgow Times: Wyndford playparkWyndford playpark

Glasgow Times: She said the park is "dangerous"She said the park is "dangerous"

Glasgow Times: Dry flowers Dry flowers

Along with the park, Mrs McMillan said there are several other issues in the Maryhill estate, including with the green areas, litter, bins, repairs and more.

She added: “We have pathways in the area, which are totally and utterly broken up, they are dangerous to walk on. In fact, I was taken to hospital in January and even the ambulance driver said the path is precarious.

"These paths are so dangerous, every single person that lives here has either fallen or tripped up here. It’s just totally derelict.

“This has been reported and someone was sent out. They put a small, dinner plate-size slab of tar on the top and the rest are all cracked and broken."

Glasgow Times: The path in the Maryhill estateThe path in the Maryhill estate

Glasgow Times: The side of the buildingThe side of the building

Glasgow Times: Overgrown grassOvergrown grass

Glasgow Times: Litter and birdsLitter and birds

The long-term resident claims she has been reporting problems to both Glasgow City Council and Wheatley Homes Glasgow, who are both in charge of maintaining different areas of the site.

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She said: “I am constantly in contact with my housing officer [from Wheatley Homes Glasgow]. I have been to the city council about lighting, the pathways, and I am getting nothing.

“I reported that the bins were overflowing with dog waste in black bags. The next thing I know they have actually taken the full bins away, and now we have no bins on the pathway.

“There is a big grassy area here, where a lot of people do dog-walking and there are no bins to put the waste anywhere.

“When they cut the grass, they don’t lift up the grass, they don’t do the edges. They have knocked down three trees and left all the leaves and branches there to rot in the corners."

Glasgow Times: Fallen leaves and branchesFallen leaves and branches

Glasgow Times: Fallen leaves in Wyndford EstateFallen leaves in Wyndford Estate

A spokesperson for Wheatley Homes Glasgow said: “Our neighbourhood environmental team is responsible for maintaining the green areas around the multi-storey flats, which includes cutting the grass every two weeks.

“We will continue with major improvements in the community, including replacing old mono blocks and planting new shrubs.

“Our local team will check any paths owned by us and, if needed, arrange for any repairs needing done.

“We’ll also visit this tenant this week to discuss the landscaping project and we’ll arrange for any outstanding work to be carried out.”

Glasgow City Council has been contacted for comment.