GLASGOW City Council leader Susan Aitken has responded after Batgirl, which was filmed in the city, has been scrapped. 

Earlier we reported that the DC production was being shelved by Warner Bros after receiving a poor response from test screenings. 

Camera crews took over the city earlier this year as the Merchant City had turned into 'Gotham', with the film planned to be released in late 2022.

Now the council's leader Ms Aitken has reacted to the news that the Glasgow-filmed flick will not make it to cinemas or home screens, saying it was "obviously disappointing".

She wrote in a statement: "Obviously disappointing Hollywood corporate shifts mean we won’t get to see Glasgow on the big screen in Batgirl.

"The new Indiana Jones will have to suffice."

Ms Aitken went on to address the benefits that filming has brought to the city. 

She added: "The production created well over 1000 local jobs for crew, tradespeople & extras.

"No public money has been paid to Warner Bros but the city did make direct income from the production in eg parking charges.

"Wider economic benefits to local supply chain & other businesses like hospitality aren’t fully quantified yet but they were very significant."

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The SNP councillor for Langside also stressed that Glasgow has a bright future and that film productions will continue to come to the city. 

The statement concluded: "To be clear: the filming location of Batgirl has *nothing* to do with it being pulled!

"Glasgow still got all the benefits of the production, other movies will still be made & filmmakers will still come to Glasgow - not least because our gorgeous city looks amazing on film."


Glasgow has been a choice location for numerous productions, including the highly-anticipated fifth Indiana Jones film.

More recently crews have been spotted filming Apple TV series Debutante and ITV's The Elect starring Grey's Anatomy star Kevin McKidd.