A POLICE officer who was allegedly assaulted by a sergeant yelped in pain, a trial heard today.

PC Natalie George, 31, is claimed to have been repeatedly stamped on by Malcolm Gerrard, 38, in Glasgow's Anniesland on October 25, 2020.

The pair were involved in restraining a suspected housebreaker who was resisting arrest on the ground.

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Colleague PC Joseph Burt, 39, told Glasgow Sheriff Court that he also took part.

Iain Cahill, defending, asked him: "When you got the suspect to his feet, four officers were escorting him to the van?"

PC Burt replied: "I don't know if PC George took a step back after she shouted in pain."

The officer agreed that the matter was "high risk" for the officers and that although they had "control" of the suspect, they did not have "total control."

Mr Cahill asked: "That's compounded when you hear Natalie George yelp you thought it could have been the suspect that struck her?"

The witness replied: "Yes."

He earlier stated: "I thought maybe he had kicked PC George and that's why she yelped.

"I was guessing, but I didn't see it."

The officer also stated that fast straps were not used on the suspect's legs.

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The trial continues at the end of the month.

Sheriff Allan Findlay told Gerrard: "I appreciate it is stressful and you want this over and done with but it's important to hear the evidence."