Two professionals took on a food challenge at a restaurant in the Southside today with one claiming victory.

American couple Katina Eats Kilos and Randy Santel took the 'Cheeky Chicken Challenge' at Porto Piri Piri.

The Shawlands eatery's challenge has never been completed before and includes wings, chicken strips, mozzarella sticks, corn, one-quarter of a chicken, double fries, a mozzarella dipper wrap, spicy tot box, a tub of Ben and Jerry and a drink.

Glasgow Times:

Upon completion, competitors win a £250 cash prize.

Randy, 36, has won eating challenges in every American state and 37 countries around the world.

He has 1.5 million followers on YouTube, 1.7 million followers on Facebook and 210,000 followers on Instagram, who follow him eating his way through the world.

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Glasgow Times:

Jonny Thomson, 42, from the West End is a superfan who came to watch the social media star.

He said: "It’s nice to have him in Scotland and good to meet him in person for the first time.

“This is not a big one for him, I think it’ll take maybe 15 minutes.”

Katina has gained 417,000 followers on YouTube, 245,000 followers on Facebook and 63,500 followers on Instagram since starting. 

Glasgow Times:

Ahead of the challenge, Muhammad Ali, owner of Porto Piri Piri, said: “It’s still undefeated and it’s popular here in our local area, our chicken is very popular.

"Right now there’s a big market for peri-peri places, as you know Nando’s started years and years back and more widely it’s been very popular.

“But we’ve got a few things that separate us from the others, we’ve got a very popular spicy box, we even produce our own flavours, the spicy garlic one is very popular.

“When we started the restaurant it was the start of the Covid pandemic but we got very good response from our local authority, so we thank them very much for supporting us in this hard time.

“My team works as a family to serve spicy chicken to our local community.”

Glasgow Times:

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He continued: “To be honest I’ve seen videos on YouTube and they do a brilliant job! It’s going to be tricky, it’s a lot of food but they’re professionals as well.

“I don’t want to say they can’t win, they’re professional eaters, but it’s still a challenge.

"It’s undefeated, it’s not that easy! It looks easy but it’s going to be tough.”

It was a tense afternoon for spectators and challengers alike as Katina was the first to step up to the plate.

Although she made a valiant effort, finishing two out of three trays worth of food, time was against her and she failed to meet the tough 45-minute deadline.

It was instead Randy who beat the clock with a nail-biting finish just thirty seconds away from the time limit.

Spurred on by cheers of 'Gaun herself son' Randy thanked the restaurant for having them and promised to use the prize money for future food challenges during their visit to Scotland.