A MAN was left devastated after his bicycle, which has been in his family for generations, was stolen.

Magnus MacFarlane, 25, from Woodlands, noticed that his vehicle went missing on Thursday morning.

He usually keeps it chained to the rails on his tenement’s close, but it was taken, presumably some time on Wednesday night, after the lock was broken.

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Glasgow Times: The bikeThe bike

Glasgow Times: The bikeThe bike

The Trek 7.2fx Hybrid was mostly used by the owner to commute to work, which, besides the sentimental value, is the reason he is upset.

The has been in his family for multiple generations and was eventually passed onto him by his mother.

Mr MacFarlane said: “When I saw that it was gone, it took me by surprise because our close is locked.

“I have no idea how they got it.

“I am disappointed and annoyed. It was my mum’s bike that she gifted to me, so it has been in the family for a long time, it’s a shame.

“At the moment, I don’t think I will replace it because I don’t have enough room in my flat to keep it there.

“The only place I knew where I could keep it safely, or at least I felt it was safe, was where it was stolen from.”

The environmental consultant is hopeful that the vehicle can be retrieved, despite previous experiences of friends, whose bikes were stolen from the same area.

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Police Scotland has confirmed that an investigation was launched into the theft.

A force spokesperson said: “We received a report of a bicycle having been stolen in the Willowbank Crescent area of Glasgow around 9pm on Thursday, August 4.

“The bicycle was taken some time in the previous day and enquiries are ongoing.”