A petition to release DC project Batgirl reached 800 signatures.

We reported on Wednesday that the production, which was filmed entirely in Glasgow, was reportedly scrapped by Warner Bros.

This decision was made following test screenings and means that the film will no longer appear in theatres or on streaming service HBO Max, according to US publication The New York Post.

Following the news, many people from the city were upset but one resident, Alastair Neil, started a petition to "save" the production, starring Leslie Grace, Michael Keaton, Brandon Fraiser and more.

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He said: "Lots of people put their heart and soul into this movie, and for it to be taken away from them and not to be seen is an insult to all involved.

"I saw first hand some scenes being filmed the cast and crew worked so hard on it. Release Batgirl!"

The cause gathered more than 800 signatures in four days.

One supporter said: "I wanna see it! Michael Keaton back as Batman? What's not to love?"

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Another campaigner added: "Batgirl deserves to be seen on screen."

The film was shot throughout January and March this year, in Trongate and Glasgow City Centre.

Youy can sign the petition here.