GLASGOW is set for four days of uninterrrupted sunshine this week, with temperatures expected to reach almost 30C degrees. 

The new heatwave will bring temperatures up on Wednesday, when the mercury will reach a maximum of 24C degrees. 

However, this will rise further as the sun continues to shine undisturbed on the city, which will see temperatures hit 27C on Friday.

Saturday will continue to be warm and bright, although the maximum will be a little lower, at 26C degrees. 

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It comes as Britain is bracing for yet another heatwave that will last longer than July’s record-breaking hot spell, with highs of up to 35C expected next week, forecasters have said.

Temperatures over the coming days will remain lower than last month’s scorching 43.C but the warmth will continue over a “prolonged period”, the Met Office has said.

People have been urged not to host barbecues in the tinder-dry conditions after 15 homes were evacuated following a garden fire that spread out of control in Essex.

Parts of north-west Scotland may be cloudier and breezier up to Wednesday, but fine weather is expected for all areas of the country later in the week.

The Met Office has urged people to follow precautions to avoid becoming overheated, including closing curtains and windows during the day and avoiding the midday sun.