THE life and music of Sir Rod Stewart will be showcased on stage next week as Some Guys Have All The Luck comes to Glasgow.

More than 50 years since Rod released his first album, the theatre production stars Paul Metcalfe as the music icon alongside a fantastic live band.

As they embark on their first tour since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Paul says it’s "absolutely amazing" to be back on stage and he’s looking forward to getting back in front of a Glasgow audience.

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Glasgow Times:

He said: "Musicians, in particular, were hit very hard by Covid because we just couldn’t do anything really, and the worst bit was we didn’t even know when we were going to be back touring.

"So to be back now is just such a joy and we’re enjoying every minute of it.

"We’ve been to Glasgow two or three times before, and we always have a ball, the audiences are so good.

"They’re well up for it right from the start so we always have a really good time, we can’t wait to come back.

"We always get a huge roar when we walk on stage and then they seem to know the words to all the songs, so they just sing along all the way through the show which is fantastic.

"It just creates the most wonderful atmosphere."

Glasgow Times:

Paul used to be a singer performing in pubs and clubs, but whenever he would sing Maggie May he was told he sounded just like Rod, so decided to create a show based around his career.

After securing a deal with one of the UK’s leading promoters, Paul set about writing and setting up Some Guys Have All The Luck to launch in 2015.

"Everyone used to say that I looked and sounded like Rod, and I just thought there was nobody else doing a touring Rod show so I kind of grabbed it with both hands and took it to the stage about six years ago and it’s been going great ever since," Paul says.

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Glasgow Times:

"We’ve got such a great choice of songs to do, and Rod is such a great character on stage so I try and emulate that.

"He’s a great performer and he tries to give everyone a good time, so I try and do the same and hopefully it works."

The first half of the show charts Rod’s rise to fame from his early days and features songs from the beginning of his career, while the second half of the show captures the excitement and energy of a Rod Stewart concert.

Glasgow Times:

Paul said: "We usually have everybody up dancing at the end of the first half and then the second half we go for it.

"We put all the huge hits in the second half and, certainly in Glasgow, we’ll have everybody up from the start, so they’ll be up the whole of the second half I reckon singing and shouting and clapping, dancing.

"I can’t wait, it’s such a buzz to play in Glasgow."

Glasgow Times:

So what’s Paul’s favourite song to perform in front of an audience?

He said: "I’ve got to say Maggie May because it’s the song everyone comes to hear.

"It’s what people associate Rod with, it’s like his sort of calling card if you like.

"Whenever we start that song everyone just goes crazy and they know all the words, they sing along, get up and dance and I never get tired of singing it because it’s such a good song and it gets such a great reaction."

Some Guys Have All The Luck will be at the King’s Theatre on Thursday, August 25.

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