A NEW 'horror-themed' escape room is coming to Glasgow. 

Escape Rooms Scotland has teased that they will soon be opening a new room in the city and that the theme will be related to horror.

They showed their followers a sneak peek of the new room, which featured a blood-spattered dentist's chair.

A spokesperson said: "Are you ready for our new horror-themed escape room coming to Glasgow VERY soon? Here is a sneak peek.

"This room is going to give you nightmares."

Escape Rooms Scotland already has two themed escape rooms in Glasgow.

In CSI: Glasgow, participants have to channel their inner detective after a police officer is murdered, while The Lost Tomb sees guests trying to escape a mummy's tomb before they run out of air. 

Escape room fans quickly reacted to the new teaser, with dozens tagging their friends and suggesting they try it out.

One person commented: "This looks even more extreme than Kidnapped in Dundee which I think will forever be my favourite escape room. Can’t wait!!"

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