Kevin Bridges began his run of 16 Hydro shows on Thursday night and fans were blown away by the comedian.

The Clydebank funnyman has a huge run of dates at the Clydeside venue, two of which will be recorded.

Returning for 'The Overdue Catch-up', Bridges performed for a sell-out 12,000 crowd on Thursday night and drew a delighted reaction.


One fan said she'd laughed so hard she lost her powers of sight, as well as pointing out the irony of a scrap allegedly breaking out during the gig.

Another wrote on Twitter: "Kevin Bridges was amazing last night, can't believe two folk got kicked out for fighting."

It seems the reported dust-up caused quite a stir as a fan said: "Favourite part of the night was when Kevin Bridges called out the two f*****s that started a fight during his bit about mental health."

Another gig-goer called the comedian "brilliant as always", with a fellow attendee praising Bridges and his support acts as "immense".

And the show was described as "absolutely outstanding" by one delighted fan.

Here's some more reaction to the show.

@chubbythunder_: Imagine going to see Kev. I. N. then getting kicked out for fighting. What a night!

@kitconnorsseur: Yes there was a fight at Kevin bridges tonight. No I wasn't involved. Yes Kevin made it hilarious.

@sophyc1999: Who was fighting at Kevin bridges tonight cos imagine getting kicked out ahahahahahaha

@lauraamoir: sombdy gettin flung out kevin bridges for starting a scrap as big kev was making jokes about mental health ahahaha a love this city

@trisha_the_doc: He lived up to our high expectations!

@itsdukes_: Tonight’s show was so good! Thanks for having us all in stitches

@flamingo_fairy: Absolutely amazing!! First time seeing him in person. Just love this guys humour!

@hmcg91: Kevin Bridges was absolutely class tonight

@mickdemarco: Kevin Bridges just gets it man. 10/10 tonight, dealt with hecklers exquisitely, witnessed a scrap