A Southside group has introduced more people than ever to the game of chess this season.

But Rhys McCrossan, Social Media Manager for The Queen’s Park Chess Club, says a surge in numbers is down to more than just competitive spirit.

He explained: “Chess is a great way to meet people.

“You wouldn’t expect it but it really promotes diversity.

“You end up spending time with people you would never have met in any other scenario.”

The club is based at the Wellcroft Bowling Club with meet-ups every Tuesday and outdoor Sunday sessions taking place at the Queen’s Park duck pond.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: The Queen's Park Chess Club meet at the Queen's Park Duck PondPictured: The Queen's Park Chess Club meet at the Queen's Park Duck Pond (Image: newsquest)

While there are plenty of skilled players within the group, people of all abilities are welcome to join in with the fun.

Rhys said: “Chess, in general, had a massive surge in popularity around two years ago.  

“Most people who come to play are a little bit older who didn’t realise it was something they enjoyed until they had the time to try it properly.

“Also, not everyone had the chance to play chess when they were younger either because they weren’t introduced to it or didn’t have someone to teach them.

“One of our main goals has always been to bring the local community together and we’re really proactive in trying to help beginners learn for free.”

Glasgow Times: Pictured: A meeting of the Queen's Park Chess ClubPictured: A meeting of the Queen's Park Chess Club (Image: newsquest)

Anyone local to the Southside may well have noticed another avid group of chess players in the area taking to the tables of Brodies Bar on Thursday nights.

These unofficial gatherings were started by Marianne Burns, a local woman who last year found herself looking to make new friends while putting a lockdown hobby to practise.

Rather than a close proximity causing any rivalry, the groups now work side by side to encourage new players to enjoy the social side of the game.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: A chess group meets at Brodies Bar regularly on Thursday eveningsPictured: A chess group meets at Brodies Bar regularly on Thursday evenings (Image: newsquest)

Rhys said: “Our partnership with the Brodies Thursday club is a recent development.

“At the start of summer, some of our members stumbled upon the people who were playing there and became great friends.

“Now most of the people there play at our sessions too.

“It’s a great way to meet new people and have a few drinks while you play across the board.”

For more information on the Queen’s Park Chess Club click here.