An East End man paid tribute to a local community club at a family fun day - stating that because of its services he will “never” go back on street drugs.

Bluevale Community Club, in Dennistoun, held a family fun day on Monday from 11am until 1pm.

The event combined the club's Monday cafe - for addicts in recovery - with a day of fun for the kids due to the bank holiday.

One of the attendees, Derek Leggat, 44, from Gallowgate, said that the centre and its services have stopped him from ever going back on drugs.

He said: “The recovery, and being here, has gotten me off street drugs and I’ll never go back on them because I’ve got things like this to look forward to all the time.

“The first time I was here I was on street valium. I stoated through those doors and talked a load of rubbish.

"On the very first day I was made so welcome, and Barbara, one of the helpers here, she’s a really nice person. There hasn’t been anyone here like her before.”

Glasgow Times: Newsquest, Colin MearnsNewsquest, Colin Mearns (Image: Newsquest, Colin Mearns)

Aside from positive experiences within the club, Derek also found Monday’s event to be positive too.

He said: “I came here today because I really like this place.

“It's been brilliant. I was on the bouncy castle earlier."

Alongside the large bouncy castle, Bluevale’s recovery family fun day had pool tables, tennis tables, jigsaws and games, and musical statues for the kids to enjoy, whilst the support group took place outside for the adults.

The centre also put on a two-course lunch for attendees to enjoy.

Glasgow Times: Newsquest, Colin MearnsNewsquest, Colin Mearns (Image: Newsquest, Colin Mearns)



Kenny Trainer, project manager at Bluevale Community Club and organiser of Monday’s fun day, said: "Obviously it’s a bank holiday today, which a lot of people won’t have been expecting or financing for.

“We were careful about doing something today because we want to pay our respects to The Queen, but we thought there are still vulnerable people that need support and we want to make sure the local community is okay.

“We run a recovery club on a Monday, so we decided we would keep that running and hold a fun day so that the kids can attend as well since they’re off school.

“We are also offering a two-course lunch today, so it means that the community is still getting food, and even if kids are missing out on that free school meal, they still get it here.”

Glasgow Times: Newsquest, Colin MearnsNewsquest, Colin Mearns (Image: Newsquest)

Kenny added that Monday’s event was all about bringing people together whilst promoting the recovery aspect, and ensuring people still use the services.

Additionally, Barbara, 41, from the Tollcross area, who went to the centre for community service a few months ago, has since led a prominent role in Bluevale by helping with the recovery programmes and more.

Glasgow Times: Newsquest, Colin MearnsNewsquest, Colin Mearns (Image: Newsquest)

She said: “We thought 'what can we do for people in the area for today?' And we thought of the fun day.

“We have an outdoor support group starting soon whilst the kids are inside, and lunch and things like that.

“Events like this are another way of accessing people too. It is another way for us to see what people need, or how we can support them.”

Glasgow Times: Bluevale Community Club's recovery family fun day Bluevale Community Club's recovery family fun day (Image: Bluevale Community Club's recovery family fun day)

Those in attendance at the event seemed to have a wonderful time.

Nura Abdullah, from the East End, took her two children, Meral and Morid,.

Nura said: “Instead of the kids staying in the house on iPads or watching television, I thought it would be better if they got out and enjoyed the day with other kids.

“I have been here a couple of times and I know my kids will enjoy their day here.

“I’ve been relaxing outside, it’s been good."

Glasgow Times: Meral Abdullah Meral Abdullah (Image: Meral Abdullah)

Morid had a shot on the bouncy castle and pool table, and said his day was “super fun”, whilst Meral played with the jigsaw puzzles and games, as well as the bouncy castle.

Gemma McQuilter, 30, from Dennistoun, was at the fun day with her daughter, Bobbie, five.

Glasgow Times: Bobbie BarkBobbie Bark (Image: Bobbie Bark)

Gemma said Bobbie had a great day, stating “she went straight onto the bouncy castle as soon as we came in."

She added: “Because everything is closed today, we thought we would come along. This place is always doing loads for the community, it’s amazing.”

Glasgow Times: Adele's Daughter (right)Adele's Daughter (right) (Image: Adele's Daughter (right))

Adele, 41, from Craigend, took her daughter to the event.

She said: “I came here about four or five weeks ago, and I just enjoyed the set-up. It feels good.

“It is including kids in it as well, and obviously my recovery has a big impact on my kids. So, it is good that I can get them here, doing good stuff.”

Adele’s daughter, who was playing a game of Scrabble, had been on “pretty much everything".

Glasgow Times: Daryl Hawick playing a game of pool Daryl Hawick playing a game of pool (Image: Daryl Hawick playing a game of pool)

Daryl Hawick, 29, from Haghill, said: “Today, I’ve been playing the table tennis in there with one of the wee kids, and I was showing a few boys how to play pool and was kicking the football about with them.

"[The club] has helped a lot.

“I overdosed on street valium and heroin at the age of 25. I had a stroke and two heart attacks. I had to learn to walk again.

“Every day is a blessing for me.”

Fiona, 55, from Haghill, wanted to 'meet new faces'.

She said: “I came along today to meet new people and fresh faces, and I’m waiting on my grandkids coming along too.

“It’s been brilliant, it’s been good.

“I come on a Monday for their recovery cafe.

“It gets you out and something to eat, it helps with my mental health too.”

Glasgow Times: Newsquest, Colin MearnsNewsquest, Colin Mearns (Image: Newsquest, Colin Mearns)

Similarly, Williamina, 62, from Haghill, has also been attending the recovery group.

She said: “About two years ago, my son died.

“I was a mess and I started hitting the alcohol, and it just got worse and worse.

“I walked by here one day and my friend saw the way I was and brought me in, and since then I’ve come to this recovery group and it’s been wonderful. It’s really, really helped me and today’s been really good.

“It makes your day being here and seeing all of this.”