Rails of free clothes will be popping up across the city this month.

The Ice Box Arts and Music Centre - a non-profit organisation founded in 2018 - sells used books, clothes, albums and other items to generate money for local charities, food banks, and its own projects.

Starting from the second week of October, The Ice Box will be placing pop-up rails of free clothes for all ages across Glasgow.

Starting in the Gorbals, Parkhead, and Maryhill areas, The Ice Box will be setting up the rails in community centres, food banks, Tescos and such, on a weekly basis.

Co-founder Jamie McDermid, 43, said: "People are struggling to afford basics and charity shops are no longer the low-price bastion they once were."

Fellow co-founder Simon Sinclair, 45, added: "They’re rising so much that they are the same price as the actual shops and they’re basically pricing people out of charity shops and that’s just insane to us."

Jamie said that's when the pair decided to "step up" and offer free clothing to help.

Glasgow Times: Simon Sinclair Simon Sinclair (Image: Simon Sinclair)

Jamie added: “I think the cost of living is meaning the demand for free clothing is higher than it has ever been, and we want to help people balance their over stretched budget.”

When it comes to the rails themselves, Jamie stated that pretty much "everything" will be available, including, adults and kids’ coats, jumpers, denims, leggings, scarves and more.

The clothes are being sourced from donations, something The Ice Box is receiving "huge" amounts of.

Jamie said: “We have about 30 huge bags ready to go now, and more on the way every week, so we will definitely not run out of clothing.

“Quite a few are new too with tags on, and include Primark and George, and such.”

Glasgow Times: Jamie McDermid, left and Simon Sinclair, right, founders of Ice BoxJamie McDermid, left and Simon Sinclair, right, founders of Ice Box (Image: Jamie McDermid, left and Simon Sinclair, right, founders of Ice Box)

The free rails will also make an appearance at Fernhill, Drumchapel, Easterhouse and more areas of Glasgow, as the men don’t want people to lose out on the opportunity or have to travel for it. 

Simon said: “We don’t want people to have to go out their way to come to us.

“If people need free clothes, we don’t want them to then have to travel for it.”

There is no end date for the pop-ups and people are free to take as much as they want, 'within reason'.

To keep up to date with pop-up locations, go to The Ice Box’s Facebook page.