A thief broke into a church to steal money and electronics.

David Burns, 37, entered Glasgow's Partick South Parish Church on December 29, 2021.

Court papers state he stole a sum of money, perfume, speakers, gift cards, clothing and DVDs.

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Burns, of the city's Queen's Park, committed the crime while on bail for a separate matter.

He pleaded guilty today at Glasgow Sheriff Court to the charge.

Burns' plea of not guilty to opening a lockfast cabinet with intent to steal at the church was accepted by prosecutor Sat Singh.

It was revealed that Burns has spent time in prison for previous thefts.

More information regarding the circumstances will be heard at the sentencing later this month.

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Sheriff Gerard MacMillan said: "You have pled guilty to a very serious matter.

"You have an appalling record and are aware of the procedures of this court.

"There could be something else done here but I would not count on it."