A medical and welfare charity is helping 'anyone and everyone' on Glasgow's streets during the 'out-of-hours gap'. 

Glasgow Street Aid has been providing support to the city's public since forming in 2020 during the pandemic.

The charity is active on Fridays and Saturdays between 7.30pm and 4am, and 7.20pm until midnight on Sundays.

Glasgow Times:

During these hours, workers provide help to the homeless, discourage youth fights and alcohol or drug intake, and work with Police Scotland and the Scottish Ambulance Service to provide security at major events such as TRNSMT and football celebrations.  

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John Barclay, head of service at Glasgow Street Aid, said: "At night-time, everywhere closes and there’s a gap, and that’s where we step in to close it.

"We provide additional support when ambulance waiting hours are too long, and all our volunteers are trained and include student nurses, trained pharmacists and even veterinary nurses.

"We are able to provide people in need with a bed for the night or a referral, and though it can be stressful, it feels amazing to be able to help."

Glasgow Times:

So far, the charity has helped 2510 people across the city, increased its volunteer rota from four to 41, and purchased its own ambulance for on-site treatment. 

Amongst the growing figures, the charity has managed to step into people's lives and completely turned them around. 

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John said: "We had a male service user who was a drug user and unfortunately he overdosed, but we were able to reverse it after being on hand.

"Another time we had a female youth, who has had a very hard life so far, and the system had sort of let her down after she went into crisis, but we didn't.

"We got in touch with social care and got her help, and she's still someone we see to this day."

Glasgow Times:

Rebecca Blair, area service manager and procurement officer, added: "People come back and families too, saying to us that we helped so much."

After a 'trophy' few years, the charity is now beginning a new journey of opening its own space in Glasgow. 

Rebecca was able to secure funding for the building and its first year of rent. 

She said: "We spent a long time looking for a building because as you know, rent in the city can be so high. We were lucky to get grants approved and to get the first year of rent sorted. It's something less to worry about."

The building, which will be 'lit up like Blackpool' for easy recognition, will feature a purpose-built assessment base with a nurse on hand.

There will also be around four medical spaces for those suffering poor welfare, which will include nice seats, lighting, and breathing space.

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Glasgow Times:

The building will be opening its doors next month and will be located at 56 Union Street in the city centre. 

Before this building, the charity worked out of an office space in Yoker. 

Going forward, the charity is also planning to expand its days and opening hours. 

John said: "We’ve managed to do a lot so far, and we're looking to stick around in the long-term."  

To contact Glasgow Street Aid, you can phone them on 07599683055 or email them at Glasgow_street_aid@outlook.com.

You can also find the charity on all social media platforms under the name Glasgow Street Aid.