Cops have pleaded with residents not to leave their cars unattended while defrosting them after another car was nicked this week. 

We previously reported that a BMW was stolen while the driver left it to thaw as the temperatures dropped this week. 

Now two more 'frosting' thefts have occurred, one of which involved a Ford Focus ST being taken from Bishopbriggs on Thursday morning.

The incidents are as a result of drivers leaving the cars in the driveway as the windscreen defrosts, and the cars can be stolen regardless of whether they have been locked or left unlocked.

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Community Inspector Alan Ferris said: “This week within East Dunbartonshire we have had three vehicles stolen in the early morning from outside people’s homes. 

“On each occasion, the owner of these vehicles had left them unattended with the engine running in order to defrost their vehicles. 

"These thefts are called 'frostings'.

“Even if your car is keyless and you remove the keys or lock the vehicle, it can still be stolen and will not immobilise until the engine is turned off which may be many miles from your home address."

Cops on early morning patrols have since found two of the vehicles, and the force is urging people to not leave their cars at risk of an 'opportunistic thief'.

Mr Ferris added: “With the temperature to remain low for a protracted period this festive period I would plead and urge residents not to be tempted to leave their cars unattended whilst the windows defrost and the interior heats up.

“It literally takes seconds for an opportunist thief to jump in your vehicle and make off.

“Rather than risking your car being stolen other options should be considered such as covering windscreens at night or using a manual scraper or de-icing product.

“Our local community policing team have been patrolling early morning in both plain clothes and uniform and have recovered two of the three vehicles stolen so far.

“We are also on hand delivering crime prevention advice letters with the assistance of Police Scotland Youth Volunteers, however, this crime is utterly preventable and can be eliminated by simply not leaving your vehicle to defrost unattended. 

"Please help us keep your car and property safe.”