A Glasgow cabbie 'cleaned' up the title for the most bizarre item left behind in a taxi.

They got a rather unexpected surprise earlier this year when they discovered that a customer had forgotten a Henry Hoover after using the taxi service.

The team at Glasgow Taxis soon managed to reunite Henry with his owner.

Glasgow Times:

Dougie McPherson, Chairman of Glasgow Taxis Ltd, said: “Wee Henry was left behind in a taxi at the start of the year and for a brief period the loss left a vacuum in that customer’s life until we managed to facilitate its safe return.

"Only in Glasgow!”

Glasgow cabbies returned tens of thousands of lost property to customers in 2022 and, less surprisingly, mobile phones topped the list of most forgotten belongings.

Based on weekly averages, over 3100 phones and smart devices were left in a taxi, while 1,560 wallets or purses were lost. 

Around 1,300 sets of keys were left behind, while 1,040 jackets ended up in the back of a cab after the customer has been dropped off. 

Glasgow Times:

Meanwhile, roughly 520 vapes were left.

Dougie added: “The most important thing to say about this is to reaffirm that drivers make every effort to get these items back to customers, as quickly as possible.

"If that’s not feasible, they are handed straight to the police. 

“We all know what a pain losing phones and keys in particular can be – our drivers always do their best to get them returned.

"However, as you can see, these are chunky numbers and amount to quite a lot of time, so this story provides a good opportunity to remind people to take care and always check to make sure they have everything before leaving our taxis.”