A Glasgow church has issued a warning after a woman's bag was stolen at an event.

While an organisation was using Knightswood Congregational Church for an event on Friday afternoon, a man unknown to the group is said to have swiped a visitor's bag from underneath a table. 

The church minister said they were 'devastated' to learn about the incident, which was then reported to the police. 

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In a statement issued on social media, they wrote: "A woman’s bag had been stolen by a man who claimed he was in to tidy up the rubbish.

"He took a black bag out of a bin and went around clearing rubbish away and took her bag from underneath the table.

"Fortunately, the incident has been recorded on our CCTV and shared with Police Scotland, unfortunately, he was wearing a mask and a hoodie.

"Hopefully, someone in the community will know who this man is and how he’s spoiled Christmas for this lady and her family."

The church minister urged people to take caution with people they do not recognise, especially when using the space for events and emphasised that people should be vigilant when visiting.

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They said: "Please be careful when using or attending our church, if you’re a hall let, and you don’t know who the person is apply caution and challenge by asking them who they are.

"It might mean you challenge me if you’ve not met me and I’m on the premises, but I’d rather reassure people than have them using our hall and wondering who the stranger is.

"This Saturday night is our Christmas Eve service, and we ask all those who are coming to be extra vigilant with their bags and belongings, a church service is not immune to those who have different motives.

"Be safe, be careful and enjoy the festivities but be alert!"

Cops confirmed that they had been made aware of a theft at the church.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We received a report of a theft from a church in Dunterlie Avenue, Glasgow, on Friday, December 16, that happened around 3.30pm.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”