Glasgow City Council has responded to threats from taxi drivers to boycott the Sauchiehall Street rank.

We previously reported that Calum Anderson, chairman of Unite's Glasgow Cab Section, told GoRadio on December 16 that he 'didn't see an alternative' to asking members to avoid the rank over parked cars.

Mr Anderson said: "Unfortunately taxis can't park here. We're unable to utilise the rank at night times, purely down to parked cars and a lack of enforcement."

He claimed that 'the busy taxi rank was unworkable' and that it was 'a public safety issue'.

He added: "The rank is virtually unworkable at the moment and I can't see any alternative but to ask our members just to boycott this rank completely.

"And that is not something that we would do lightly."

A spokesperson from Glasgow City Council responded that they 'were aware of parking issues' on Sauchiehall Street and had joined with cops to tackle the illegal parking earlier in December, moving 60 illegally parked cars.

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The spokesperson said: "We are aware of parking issues in this area Sauchiehall Street and we have stepped up our enforcement action against illegally parked vehicles.

“Earlier this month we staged a joint operation with police on illegal parking and over 60 vehicles breaching restrictions were moved from double yellow lines.

“We will continue to monitor this area closely and respond accordingly.

“All drivers have a basic responsibility to comply with the road regulations at all times.”

Unite Glasgow Cab Section has been contacted for comment.