A CYCLING charity says it is under "critical threat" as it aims to raise £15,000 to survive the winter. 

Glasgow-based charity Bike for Good sell and service refurbished bikes, teach cycle mechanic skills, provide cycle training, and deliver community programmes.

However, the charity says they are in "grave danger" and need to raise £15,000 by the end of January to be able to deliver services in 2023. 

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The organisation say they are struggling as the price of utilities has increased by 44%, their supply chain has been affected by Brexit, they experiences lower sales in 2022 and high inflation is increasing all other costs. 

A Crowdfunder has now been started in order to raise funds, with more than £6900 having been donated so far. 

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Gregory Kinsman-Chauvet, founder and Cycling Enthusiast Officer (CEO) at Bike for Good, said: "At Bike for Good, we believe in a world where cycling is the norm.

"We've helped thousands of people cycle in and around Glasgow in twelve years.

"Due to the cost of living crisis, our charity is in grave danger. 

"We need £15,000 by the end of January to survive the winter and keep our communities cycling for another 12 years.

"Please help your community, please donate today."

Those wishing to donate can "buy a reward" from Bike for Good, such as a Bike Puncture Repair Kit, which can be used within 12 months.

The Glasgow Community Climate Action Fund is matching all donations. 

You can view the Crowdfunder HERE.