The creations from Rude Cookies in Glasgow have to be seen and sampled in real life to be believed.

The bakery has gone viral on TikTok and Instagram for its portraits of pop culture icons and cheeky illustrations painted onto cookies.

The confections are made with incredible skill and taste delicious, and we were surprised to learn the best friends behind the bakery are entirely self-taught.

Glasgow Times: Aga Taylor, left and Magda Lo Bianco at right, co-owners of Rude CookiesAga Taylor, left and Magda Lo Bianco at right, co-owners of Rude Cookies (Image: Colin Mearns, Newsquest)

Aga Taylor, 36, and Magda Lo Bianco, 37, started Rude Cookies as an Instagram account in December 2020.

The original idea was born out of lockdown when Magda was making Christmas cookies at home in Burnside.

She said: "I was making cookies like I do every year.

"I was never really good with cookies before, this was super new for both of us.

"Because it was such a s****y year, I wanted to reflect that.

"So I put some funny quotes and swear words on them, and I showed them to Aga.

"She said, the internet has to see this, you can't just keep it to yourself."

Within three minutes Oatlands local, Aga, created an Instagram account and they agreed on the name, Rude Cookies, right away.

Glasgow Times:

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Magda said: "Then we just started posting.

"It was just supposed to be for fun, it was never supposed to be a business."

The account was meant to be a way to keep themselves occupied during lockdown, but fans started asking for commissions.

She added: "People started asking more and more if we could make cookies for them.

"And boom, we were doing it every week."

Magda and Aga, originally from Poland, secured their first workshop in August 2021 before moving into their current location on Rosyth Road in April 2022.

Glasgow Times:

The pair have since turned their lockdown hobby into a fully-fledged business with three new members of staff joining the team.

In the whirlwind past two years, the bakery has gained 4.6 million likes on TikTok and thousands of followers across platforms.

Their sugar cookie renditions of pop culture icons like Miley Cyrus, Wednesday Addams, Harry Styles, Lizzo, and Ed Sheeran are designed with the skill and precision of a seasoned painter.

The edible portraits have led to brushes with some of their muses, including a time when they got to hang out with Kelis ahead of her concert at a nearby venue.

Glasgow Times:

As the name suggests, Aga and Magda also sell "rude" cookies for adults only.

Aga said: "You can't go through life being too serious, where's the fun in that?

"At the end of the day, it's just a cookie and you're going to eat it."

Magda added: "People have the most amazing sense of humour here [in Glasgow] and they are so open and friendly.

"I don't think we would do so well anywhere else."

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

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Since they opened Rude Cookies, Aga and Magda have also scooped up top awards at Cake International, the leading worldwide competition for baking and sugarcraft.

Aga won first place in the decorated cookie category in 2021 and Magda won the same accolade in 2022, making them "the best cookie makers in the UK" for the past two years.

Aga said: "To win first prize in such a big competition was amazing, it felt surreal."

The small business has been overwhelmed with demand, with custom orders for cakes and cookies booked up until April 2023.

Aga said: "We're not a huge company that has machines making cookies.

"Everything is handmade."

Magda added: "We are a small, independent business and it takes a lot of time and skill."

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

For anyone eager to check out their products in real life, Rude Cookies is open to the public Monday to Saturday with a selection of pre-made goodies and hot drinks available.

They also offer some goodies with a pay-what-you-can option and the proceeds are donated to charity Refuweegee.

Potential customers are advised that the "rude" cookies are also displayed throughout the shop.


Magda said: "I like people's reactions when they come in, it's my favourite thing.

"They come in here and they just laugh and say, oh this is the coolest place, or, this is the cutest place.

"And it's like, we created this and people love it so much.

"It's almost a must-see destination in Glasgow and everybody is talking about it.

"It's surreal that we created this."

Magda and Aga have big plans for 2023 and hope to eventually open a "Rude Cafe" to share their goodies with the high street.

To find out more about Rude Cookies, click here.