A seal was spotted swimming in Glasgow's River Clyde.

The animal was captured by TikTok user Urban Expeditions, run by as Mitch Kelly, an Archaeology student at the University of Glasgow.

It was taken next to Glasgow Green and a seal can be seen sliding through the tidal weir.

@urbanexpeditions1 Seal going through the Tidal Weir on the River Clyde - Seals in the City 🦭🌊 #seal #cuteanimals #river #swimming #city #glasgow #scotland ♬ Under the Sea (from "the Little Mermaid") [Instrumental Orchestral Version] - Magic Philharmonic Orchestra

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People were quick to react in the comments.

One person said: "Yes man! Glad to see the seal is still there."

Another person added: "Too cute."

A third replied: "Yes, it’s been happening for years."

Have you ever seen a seal in the river?