A bank analyst pretended to be asleep after being caught intending to rape a woman.

Michael Watts, 38, pounced on the 23-year-old at her home in Glasgow's Tradeston on February 5, 2022.

Watts initially touched the woman as she attempted to fall asleep but his efforts were rebuffed.

He then went on to remove her clothing after she had dozed off.

The victim was awoken to find Watts – who had been confronted by another man – touching her.

Watts went on to fake that he was asleep following the confrontation.

Watts pleaded guilty today at Glasgow Sheriff Court to sexual assault with intent to rape.

The court heard that Watts was at a house party in the city's Maryhill where the woman and Andres Carvalho – both strangers – had also attended.

The woman booked a taxi home and was informed by the two men that she lived en route to where they stayed.

All three were dropped off at the woman's house as the taxi driver had other jobs to attend.

The trio entered the woman's bedroom on the premise that the men would charge their phones and book a taxi.

All three lay down on the woman's bed before she asked when their taxi was booked as she wanted them to leave.

The woman laid with her back to Watts with Mr Carvalho beside him.

Prosecutor Katie Bell said: "Watts began to touch her by running his hands up and down her side – trying to pull her closer into him in a spooning position.

"She pushed Watts away and told him to stop and not to touch her."

The woman fell asleep for a short period of time but woke up to being "touched" by Watts.

She told him to stop and ordered him to leave the house.

Miss Bell added: "At this time, he got on top of her and straddled her."

Watts went on to grope the woman and touched her intimately.

Mr Carvalho reported that Watts had removed her lower clothing and kissed her on the ear.

Miss Bell said: "She told Watts to get off her and Mr Carvalho pushed him off the woman causing him to fall down on the bed.

"At this time, Watts closed his eyes and pretended he was sleeping."

Watts got up and rushed out the property.

Mr Carvalho also left after the woman asked to be alone.

The woman later entered her roommate's bedroom where she cried for a period of time.

She was able to trace Watts from Facebook and remained in contact with Mr Carvalho who was able to provide a potential address.

Ian Sievwright, defending, told the court: "From my client's point of view, he is racked with guilt over his behaviour on this night.

"Alcohol was drank to excess and he has very little recollection – if at all – of the events that happened.

"He accepts what the victim said and was very eager not to extend the distress caused to her.

"He works as an analyst for a major bank and has a significant income."

Watts's "long-term partner" wrote to Sheriff Lindsay Wood which he said was a "measured letter."

The sheriff told Watts that he pled guilty to a "very serious matter."

Watts, of the city's Maryhill, was remanded in custody pending background reports before next month's sentencing.