A ROBBER turned on a delivery driver - because his new tracksuit had not arrived.

William Cairns, 37, yelled from his window at Karol Maj demanding: "Where is my stuff?"

Amazon driver Mr Maj told him he had nothing for him that afternoon.

After making a delivery in Thornwood, the driver was heading back to his van when he clocked Cairns coming out the vehicle.

Cairns was described as "aggressive".

Prosecutor Alan Parfrey told the High Court in Glasgow: "Karol Maj then observed Cairns pull out a large knife, hold it up in front of him and say: 'Give me my stuff'."

Cairns went on to rummage through parcels in the van before the frightened victim was able to escape.

Police were alerted and he was spotted going into his home.

Cairns gave a fake name - but he was recognised by officers from tattoos that they knew he had.

He went on to call one constable "a black b*****d" and had to be restrained after lashing out.

Cairns further ranted: "Get out of my country - go back to Pakistan."

It emerged he had grabbed 12 parcels from Mr Maj's van. The packages were all empty by the time police searched his home.

Cairns pleaded guilty to charges of assault and robbery, acting in a racially aggravated manner as well as attempting to pervert the course of justice in connection with the incidents on July 17, 2022.

His lawyer told the court Cairns had earlier paid a female friend "a significant amount of money" to order him a tracksuit.

Graham Robertson, defending, said: "It seems that it was never delivered.

"He did become somewhat frustrated at that and suspected there had been some improper actions taking place."

Cairns believed the woman had not paid for it or that the parcel had "got misplaced in the Amazon system".

Mr Robertson said Cairns was "utterly ashamed" at turning on a man who was "just doing his job".

Lord Mulholland jailed Cairns for five years and two months.

He told him: "There is little in the way of mitigating circumstances for your despicable conduct."