A TEENAGER received £4500 from the fraud of a 95-year-old to his bank account to pay off a drug debt.

Ryan Ford, now 20, was sent the cash from Eric Thirkell on August 26, 2020.

Mr Thirkell received a call from an unknown number pretending to be from Bank of Scotland.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that Mr Thirkell was "convinced" to transfer the money into the account of the name "R. Ford".

Prosecutor Jacky Wall said: "Mr Thirkell made enquiries with the bank who advised him it was possibly fraudulent activity."

The matter was reported to the police who investigated and interviewed 17-year-old Ford after it was found that the cash landed in his bank account.

Ford - a first offender of Glasgow’s Cardonald - pleaded guilty to acquiring and possessing criminal property.

Mark Chambers, defending, told the court that £2543 was paid back as this was the amount not withdrawn from the fraud.

The lawyer added: “It was extremely naïve because of the connection with the £200 debt.

“He was 17 at the time and a very frightened man.

“The original call was from a man with a Fife accent - he had no knowledge of the Fife area.

“He was caught up in a scheme and he understood that the drug dealer’s account was frozen and he used his bank account.

“He got caught up in all of this.”

Sheriff Diana McConnell ordered Ford to pay £2000 compensation to Mr Thirkell.

The sheriff said: “It’s clear to me that you are extremely regretful and have shown appropriate remorse.

“You recognise this was a 95-year-old man and this must have been a horrifying experience for him.”