LEGENDARY trade union official Bob Gillespie has died aged 84.

The father of Primal Scream star Bobby Gillespie was a 'stalwart' force of the Scottish trade union movement.

He was the Labour candidate during the historic 1988 by-election that saw the Scottish National Party win by a massive 33% swing, cementing the rise of the SNP.

Following the defeat Mr Gillespie focused on other areas, raising more than £1 million for victims of the Chernobyl disaster, reports the Guardian.

Taking to Instagram, son Bobby shared a snap in front of a statue his dad had erected in honour of those who joined the International Brigades in Spain.

He wrote: "During the Thatcher years of the 1980s my father ... and some of his fellow Scottish trade unionists had this statue erected to commemorate the men and women of Scotland and Glasgow who volunteered to go to Spain to fight for the democratically elected republican government against a military coup led by General Franco's fascist phalange army."

Dozens of tributes have been left for the late activist.

Cathcart Labour shared a statement of condolences, writing: "Bob Gillespie was a stalwart of our CLP, the national Labour Party and the entire trade union movement.

"Labour values were in his bones and his solidarity for workers everywhere was unflinching.

"We are all very, very sad he has passed. You’ll be missed Bob, Rest in Peace Comrade."

The Scottish Trade Union also shared a touching tribute.

It wrote: "We are deeply sorry to hear of the passing of Bob Gillespie.

"Bob was a credit to our movement and will be remembered fondly by many.

"Our thoughts are with his loved ones at this difficult time."

Others responded to the news with personal messages about the loss.

One person wrote: "Just heard the sad news.

"Bob was a fine socialist and great company. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of every conversation I had with him, sometimes for all the wrong reasons.

"The Southside and the Labour movement are a lot less colourful and interesting today."

Another shared: "Gutted to hear of the passing on Bob Gillespie - I loved talking to him and discussing politics and life, what a character."

Labour councillor for Southside Central Soryia Siddique responded to the news.

She said: "RIP Bob Gillespie - a decent principled gentleman. You were a good friend and comrade - thanks for your wise words and support."

Cardonald Labour councillor Matt Kerr said: "Absolutely gutted to hear that Bob Gillespie passed away this morning.

"Here we are at his 80th, in 2017 - he was the life and soul, of course. Always a pleasure, never a chore, Bob."

Responding to the tributes to Mr Gillespie, Kirsty O'Brien wrote: "Lovely to see so many tributes to Bob (or Geggy as we knew him).

"Growing up he made me argue and justify every position and opinion - annoying when you're a kid but on reflection a masterclass from a trade union giant.

"Here he is feeding my kids sugar, another passion of his!"