THE sister of Glasgow-born star Lewis Capaldi has hit back at trolls slagging off their parents. 

Danielle Capaldi, 30, took to TikTok to warn trolls to back off after reading comments about her parents Carol and Mark following the release of Lewis's documentary How I'm Feeling Now. 

Glasgow Times:

She shared a picture of her and Lewis, 26, on the social media platform showing their middle fingers with the caption: “When reading negative comments on parents.”

Danielle, who is a teacher, added: "Lewis’s documentary has had a lot of positive responses.

“But unfortunately there will always be people who have to look for problems where there aren’t any.

“If you don’t get Scottish patter or parents who are worried about their son, don’t comment.”

Strangers have branded his father “harsh” but Danielle said they are getting it wrong.

She said: “This is one scene that people are misinterpreting.

“We didn’t know he had Tourette’s at this point. He wanted him to get help. 

“Lewis was in agony from his shoulder tic. He’s not being harsh. He’s worried and hates seeing him in pain.”

Another follower showed support and asked how is it possible not to love Lewis’s parents? 

Danielle replied: “I know right? Just don’t know ‘em like we know ‘em.”