Anas Sarwar, Scottish Labour leader has targeted Humza Yousaf’s Pollok constituency to launch his latest attack on the SNP.

While The First Minister was in Dundee for the Scottish Trades Union Congress, Sarwar chose Pollok Community Centre to deliver a speech gearing up for the next Westminster General Election.

On Tuesday Yousaf will outline his plans for government to the Scottish Parliament.

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Sarwar said people in communities like Pollok have been “failed” by both the SNP and Tories.

Pollok is in the Glasgow South West Westminster seat, which Labour is targeting at the next election.

Zubir Ahmed, an NHS Surgeon, and a former classmate of Anas Sarwar at Hutcheson’s Grammar school is the party’s candidate.

Sarwar said: “We’re listening to what voters in Glasgow South West are telling us, and they’re telling us they’re fed up with the SNP failing this community and they’re fed up with the Tories failing this country.”

He said Labour winning seats like Glasgow South West could be the difference between a Labour or a Tory Government.

Glasgow Times:

The Scottish Labour leader, said: “Seats like Glasgow South West could decide the future of the entire United Kingdom.  

“Every single vote for Labour in this constituency will count, and every seat we win in Scotland can help replace the Tories and deliver a majority Labour government led by Keir Starmer. 

“That is what is at stake here.” 

To help Labour defeat the Tories across the UK, Sarwar recognises he has to beat the SNP to several seats in Scotland.

He said the difference in 2017 was just 60 votes. However, two years later the SNP increased its majority to almost 5000.

He added: “Under a Labour government, we will never turn our back on communities like the Tories have, or shrug our shoulders and pretend nothing can be done like the SNP has. 

“We will tackle head on the two crises facing Scotland. The cost-of-living crisis and the NHS crisis.” 

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The Conservatives said Sarwar was being “absurd”.

Craig Hoy, Scottish Conservatives chairman, said: “His absurd claim that only Labour can take seats from the SNP at the next election is untrue and he knows it.

“In a whole swathe of constituencies, particularly in the north and south of Scotland, only the Scottish Conservatives can beat the SNP.

“Similarly, only the Scottish Conservatives can be trusted to stand up to the SNP and preserve Scotland’s place in the Union.”