HUMZA Yousaf set out his priorities for the next three years in his first major policy speech to the Scottish Parliament as First Minister.

Mr Yousaf said he would focus on three key principles of equality, opportunity and community.

Equality, he said means the Scottish Government would continue efforts to tackle poverty.

He said he would “target spending for those that need it most”.

Mr Yousaf delivered his plans the same day as the party's treasurer was arrested for questioning in the ongoing police investigation into the party's finances.

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One of Mr Yousaf's first tasks will be to convene an anti-poverty summit to bring together organisations and opposition parties to explore new ways to end poverty.

He also said efforts to reduce drug deaths and improve the supply of social and affordable housing would continue.

Opportunity, he said, would focus on creating a successful economy and supporting businesses.

He also rolled back on some previous SNP policies.

The controversial deposit return scheme for bottles to be recycled is to be delayed by 10 months to allow more time for firms to get ready.

Plans for further restrictions on alcohol advertising will be paused and will go “back to the drawing board” to get industry agreement.

On community, Mr Yousaf said he would focus on public services adding NHS waiting lists will fall and services will improve.

Mr Yousaf said: “As a government we will be unapologetic about supporting those in greatest need.

“We will use every power at our disposal to protect the vulnerable in our society – particularly as the cost-of-living crisis puts additional pressure on household budgets across the country.

“This will mean taking some tough decisions to ensure that we target every pound we spend and invest in order to get the maximum value, ensuring it reaches those that need it the most.”

He said the Government would have to take difficult decisions to deal with a cost-of-living crisis "made worse by UK Government economic mismanagement".

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The First Minister said his statement was a “fresh start” for a government “under new leadership”.

Opposition parties however branded the proposals more of the same and highlighted the turmoil engulfing the SNP amid a police investigation into the party’s finances.

Anas Sarwar, Scottish Labour leader, said: “Much of it is rehashed promises from the past that have never been delivered.”

Mr Sarwar said Mr Yousaf was not leading a functioning government.

He added: “This is an SNP that is mired in scandal, mired in division, talking to themselves and about themselves.

“The crisis that now engulfs the SNP is not just an indication of how they govern their party, but also how they govern our country.”

Meghan Gallacher, deputy leader of the Scottish Conservatives, said Mr Yousaf was “tinkering with the failed policies of Nicola Sturgeon".

And she said the delay to the deposit return scheme was a “humiliation” for Lorna Slater, one of the two Green MSPs in the Scottish Government.