New bin hubs for Glasgow residents are set to be monitored by CCTV so the council can cut down on misuse including firms dumping commercial waste. 

The Glasgow Times previously reported that the council is to pilot a scheme to put bin hubs on streets.

A council official told a meeting on Tuesday that bins have been specially designed for the city as part of the project  and he appreciated it is “quite a change.” 

The street bins will arrive in Pollokshields first –  starting on June 12 with new locations in the area added over the course of a number of weeks. Next up will be Haghill and Anderston.

Pollokshields councillor Jon Molyneux called for more community engagement and asked for a bin hub to be made available in the area before the rollout for demonstration.

A council officer said: “We are not naive enough to think everyone will welcome this with open arms.”

“We understand it is quite a change for citizens in particular in Pollokshields.”

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Glasgow Times:

Within the hubs, there will be a number of bins, including three for recycling and one or two for general waste. The recycling bins include one for food waste, another for paper and cardboard and a third for plastic bottles, pots tubs and other containers. 

Two council officers gave an update on the new system at a meeting of the Pollokshields Area Partnership on Tuesday, with councillors and community representatives attending. 

An official said the new bin pilot will be “monitored” and mentioned the use of CCTV to keep a check on the project rollout. There are also be to regular visits from staff. 

The council official said bins have been specially designed for Glasgow and residents will be given keys to the general waste bins.  He pointed out that there will also be QR codes for reporting problems. 

Speaking after the meeting, councillor Molyneux, Scottish Greens, said positives include people living in flats will now be able to recycle food waste again and there will be more frequent collections. 

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Glasgow Times:

However stressing the need for more information, he said: “There needs to be a lot more engagement. The council needs to get out to meet people face to face and explain how the hubs will work and communicate the benefits of the new system.”

Councillor Molyneux said officers had committed to face-to-face engagement and the area partnership hear local information events are to be held in the area. 
On average each bin hub will serve 26 homes and be located no more than 50 metres from each close. 

Bins for general waste will be emptied every four days while bins for recycling and food waste will be emptied every eight days.

The project aims to improve safety for refuse staff who have had to move heavy bins from back courts and back lanes to lorries. Another goal is to improve recycling rates. 

Where the bin hub pilot will operate: 

In Pollokshields the on-street bin hubs will be installed in an area between Nithsdale Road and McCulloch Street and also Shields Road and Darnley Street.

In Berkeley Street bin hubs will be installed for 213 – 235 Berkeley Street (5 closes in total).

In Haghill bin hubs will be installed for 856 properties (107 closes in total).
Streets are Aberdour Street, Aberfeldy Street, Aberfoyle Street, Aitken Street, Appin Road, Marwick Street, Walter Street.