A Glasgow community has expressed their anger after cars along one road were vandalised.

Residents work up to the graffiti on Thornwood Avenue in the city's West End.

Those affected came together on social media to share their experiences with the scribbles.

Pictures posted on social media show words written on multiple cars with white paint.

One person said: "Right along Crow Road and then up Thornwood Avenue, onto Thornwood place too, almost every car has been signed or drawn on.

"Lots of shop windows too. Seems to scrape off. Very silly stuff."

Another local described the act as "disgusting".

A third said: "Mind when we had beat police here? Shame as people are trying to make the area nicer."

This comes less than a week after the Glasgow Times reported that a car was painted with obscenities on nearby Laurel Street in Thornwood.

A Police Scotland spokesperson has confirmed that they received multiple reports of vandalism.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

A force spokesperson said: "We have received reports of cars being vandalised in Crow Road and Thornwood Drive.

"Enquiries are ongoing."