A Glasgow Times paper boy has become a total hit with locals in the surrounding Glasgow area.

Aaron Ferris, 14, has been delivering our newspaper since December and says he is loving the money, the freedom and his 'kind' customers.

Working everyday after school and on Saturdays too, the paper round has taught the youngster valuable life skills and allowed him some financial freedom.

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Glasgow Times:

Speaking with the Glasgow Times, Aaron said: "I like chatting to my customers each week. They have been really kind to me over Christmas and Easter which is so cool.

"I got cards with money, extra tips and selection boxes at Christmas, and some extra tips and chocolate eggs at Easter.

"I love the money that comes with the job too. It's really good to have my own spending money and I can buy my own clothes, trainers or football stuff.

"I've managed to save up a lot since starting too."

Proud mum, Donna, also touched on Aaron's newfound responsibilities and stability.

The 41-year-old said: "He's got a good work ethic and always spoke about getting a wee job when he got older to buy things he wants. So, when the opportunity came to do this wee paper round, he jumped at the chance.

"I'm just really proud of him, not a lot of kids would do this and collect money, so, I think he’s doing really well.

"It's a lot of responsibility but he loves it. It keeps him fit and it's nice for him to understand the value of money, being on time and customer service."

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The youngster even won a prize in our prize draw for his hard work.

The competition was open to all junior agents who got one entry to the prize draw for every new customer they got started themselves.

Speaking on the prize, Aaron said: "I won a brand-new Xbox which I was really excited about cause I never thought I would win, I've never won anything before.

"I was really happy when my mum told me I'd won it.

"I decided to give it to my wee brother because his computer keeps having problems and I think it will break soon and he was really happy which made me happy."

We currently run a promotion for kids to start their own rounds. If they can get themselves seven customers or more to deliver to, they will receive either an Xbox or a Samsung A32 mobile phone after 10 weeks of consecutive deliveries.

For further information and a starter pack to assist you in finding customers please email home.delivery@heraldandtimes.co.uk

Terms and conditions while stocks last, alternative gifts may be offered.