GLASWEGIANS came together to save the life of an injured heron in a city park.

The bird was spotted by a local this morning, who noticed a fishing line around its neck at Victoria Park.

After seeking advice from the Friends of Victoria Park Facebook page, the good samaritan alerted Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust.

Glasgow Times: The heron at the rescue centreThe heron at the rescue centre (Image: Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust)

Kirsty Murdoch, a trustee from the organisation retrieved the animal and it was taken to the centre.

There, the line, which had subsequently blocked the gullet, was removed.

Staff also uncovered large pieces of food and a small, single fishing hook after about 30 minutes of trying. The hook had to be removed through a small incision that was made on the neck skin.

Glasgow Times: The fishing hook removed from the bird's throatThe fishing hook removed from the bird's throat (Image: Kirsty Murdoch)

Kirsty, who has been a rescuer for over 20 years, said: "My husband, Peter, was with me on this occasion and we had a plan that he would net it and I would zoom in to examine it.

"Then, we would safely transport it to the rescue centre.

"It worked out perfectly.

"When we caught him, it was obvious that the fishing line was around his lower beak and a hook down his throat."

The volunteer explained that it is, unfortunately, very common for birds to be injured by fishing hooks.

She said: "I have taken in a lot of swans with lines and hooks attached to them on their beaks, legs, bodies and with nasty injuries from the fishing tangle."

Residents near the Southside park were kept updated regarding the creature's fate and were all happy to hear it will recover.

One person said: "Poor little man, hope he has a speedy recovery."

Another added: "Thanks so much to everyone involved. Great to know there are still people who care for the wildlife."

Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust is a charity which relies on donations to operate. If you would like to donate to them, visit here.