A THUG who brutally stabbed a taxi driver over a £20 fare slashed a fellow prisoner while behind bars.

Gordon McPherson, 25, lashed out at Ryan Gordon in Glasgow's HMP Barlinnie on May 21, 2021.

The pair had history which became violent while watching a prisoner snooker match.

McPherson stabbed Gordon on the neck behind the ear leaving him with a heavily bleeding wound.

The incident took place 16 months after McPherson was locked up for assaulting dad-of-three Sajid Javed.

McPherson stabbed Mr Javed while co-accused Dylan Sullivan repeatedly punched him in the city's Govan.

The pair had earlier "took exception" to a £20 fare before ambushing Mr Javed leaving him with nine stitches and terrified from working.

McPherson pleaded guilty to his latest charges of assaulting Gordon and having two razor blades without a reasonable excuse.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that the two men were near each other but not communicating while the snooker match was taking place.

Prosecutor Alasdair Knox said: "McPherson reached to his right while using a razor blade with a plastic handle and struck him once to the back of his neck behind the left ear."

The pair then got into a fight which was separated by prison guards.

McPherson dropped a weapon from his pocket to the ground before being restrained.

Gordon meantime was noted to be "bleeding heavily" from his neck and was taken away for medical attention.

He was treated at Glasgow Royal Infirmary with steri strips.

McPherson was then searched for more weapons and he was noted to put something in his mouth, later found to be a razor blade.

Prison staff also recovered a plastic handle.

Des Ziolo, defending, told the court that there was a "history between parties" and McPherson had been injured previously.

Sheriff Joan Kerr sentenced McPherson, of the city's Gorbals, to 27 months behind bars.

She said: "It goes without saying, this is a serious matter.

"You improvised a weapon and used that in a prison setting.

"All of that makes your position in court a serious one and there is no doubt the way to deal with these matters is to impose custody on you."