A little girl celebrated her birthday with a unique cake depicting a Glasgow landmark.

The parents of May Herbert thought she was joking at first when she told them she wanted a Stockingfield Bridge dessert for her fourth birthday.

But the enthusiastic child was serious and she did get her wish for the celebrations earlier this week, at Maryhill Burgh Halls.

Glasgow Times: May with her cakeMay with her cake (Image: Supplied)

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times: Stockingfield Bridge before openingStockingfield Bridge before opening

Her mum, Ishbel McFarlane, said: "We can see the spire of the bridge from our flat window and when they were opening it, they lit it up in lots of different colours and that was really exciting for her.

"Later, we went to visit it and she had her scooter, she was able to scoot around and she was so excited and said 'I want this on my birthday cake', which, we thought, was quite funny.

"We also went back, they are doing a community project and they needed thousands of people to make tiles, for an art sculpture. Me and May did that and that was great, she was remembering everything from her last visit, months ago.

"It really had a big impact on her."

The cake, which May "absolutely loved", was made by Roxana Ogrean, who runs JOY Cakes and Catering, based on Maryhill Road.

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Glasgow Times: Stockingfield Bridge on opening nightStockingfield Bridge on opening night (Image: James Chapelard)

Glasgow Times: May in front of the bridgeMay in front of the bridge (Image: Supplied)

She said: "They were our clients last year, but this year, it was a bit more challenging.

"We have all sorts of crazy requests but it was definitely challenging. It took the engineers years to design it so it was interesting to see if I could at least give the idea of a bridge for a little girl.

"It had to be nice for her with animals and plants. And still edible, of course.

"It was also vegan, which was another challenge.

"But she was really really happy, we have some amazing photos of her."

Glasgow Times: Ishbell, Tommy and MayIshbell, Tommy and May (Image: Suppied)

Glasgow Times: The familyThe family (Image: Supplied)

Hillhead resident Ishbel is a fan of the North Glasgow structure herself.

She added: "I am really interested in civil engineering, public transport and active travel. It makes me feel hopeful about Scotland's future when I see stuff like that.

"I think celebrating this part of our culture, that is going the right way, with accessible transport, access to our green spaces and the rejuvenation of former industrial areas, is important.

"So, it's a funny story in a lot of ways, but it's in other ways, it is a wonderful thing."