The stars of a popular Scottish sketch show were spotted at a city centre restaurant this week.

The team at La Lanterna on Hope Street took to social media to document a visit from Iain Connell and Robert Florence who are best known as the comedy duo behind Burnistoun.

The pair posed happily alongside La Lanterna chef Luca Conreno who revealed himself as a huge fan of the pair's work with a nod to one of their most famous sketches in which a voice recognition system in a lift struggles to understand a thick Scottish accent.

The Instagram post caption read: "Celebrity spotting at La Lanterna.

"The iconic Iain Connell and Robert Florence from the famous Scottish sketch show ‘Burnistoun’ joined us today for some classic Italian dishes.

"Who else shouts ‘ELEVEN’ when they are in an elevator now…"

Earlier this week we reported that Celtic stars Matt O'Riley, Oh Hyeon-Gyu, Benjamin Siegrist and Jota had paid a visit to La Lanterna's sister restaurant in the West End.

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