A Glasgow woman who once de-boned salmon for a living is gearing up for the release of her debut novel.

After years of writing, Robyn Kerr, 33, will be self-publishing her novel 'Failing Adult' on July 14.

The book, which is set partly in Glasgow, is a romantic comedy based on Dotty Peters who heads for the Highlands to her sister's wedding and ends up facing her past romantic mistakes and disappointed mother as she soon finds herself in more entanglements.

Glasgow Times:

Speaking with the Glasgow Times, the Pollok local said: "I'm really excited for the book to come out, and to just hold it and see the cover art.

"All my family and friends are so excited to read it as the only people that have so far are myself and the editor.

"This is the first thing I've ever published, so I'm still waiting for the nerves to hit but I'm honestly just really excited right now."

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Inspired by living in the Highlands for university and some of her favourite writers such as Lindsey Kelk, the book has reality and fiction mixing like paint on each page.

Glasgow Times:

Robyn said: "The basic storyline itself is completely made-up, but the characters are a combination of people I've met throughout my life.

"Dotty is named after my friend's mum who recently passed away and the male lead's character is named after my grandad. Just, as sort of tributes.

"There are a lot of funny bits throughout the book as well which are made up, but some funny things mentioned have actually happened to me or those close to me.

"I can't help myself from adding comedy into my work, even darker pieces I did on my (creative writing) course had funniness in them, I think it's the Glasgow in me."

Glasgow Times:

It is not just the infusion of real life which makes the novel rather quirky, but the places in which it was written.

'Failing Adult' was written as Robyn studied and worked full-time. Doing jobs such as salmon de-boning, retail work and restaurant management, the book went through many stop-and-start processes. And as Robyn ventured to places like the Lake District and the Caribbean, the novel was pretty much written all "over the world," as Robyn puts it.

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Though the book is not yet out, Robyn already has big plans to drive her through the fallout of post-release glory.

Glasgow Times:

Robyn said: "This book is just the start.

"I want to create a series, a sort of universe, and so I'm going to start working on a sequel very soon.

"The next book will focus on a different narration next time, probably Dotty's best friend and will have characters from the first book sort of woven into the background.

"This is what I want to do long-term, I never thought I could do it with my dyslexia, but I want to be a writer and I know I can do it."

Upon its release, you can purchase the book in hardback or eBook form on Amazon.