A GLOWING report from school inspectors has given pupils and staff at a West Dunbartonshire primary a boost.

The Education Scotland team praised St Ronan’s Primary in Alexandria in a number of areas, including high attainment, high standards of work and “the outstanding leadership of the headteacher and two highly effective principal teachers.”

The report explained: “Together they have created a very strong staff team who provide a nurturing and inclusive environment for all children.

“Across the school, children are very articulate, kind and supportive. They contribute fully to learning experiences by making decisions about their own learning and providing encouragement to their peers to ensure that others succeed.”

Inspectors commended the headteacher and staff for having “a clear focus on improving learning and teaching” and added: “Teachers provide well thought out activities and support for children which is improving their attainment and wellbeing.”

The report added: “Staff are enthusiastic about improving their own learning and take on lead roles to help improve the school for children. As a result, children are treated equally, and all are included fully in school life.

Inspectors advised that, as planned, teachers should continue to extend the learning opportunities for all children in the area of food and nutrition and increase opportunities for children to experience learning that links across different subjects.

Councillor Clare Steel, convener of educational services said: “The report is a well-deserved acknowledgement of the fantastic commitment and hard work being carried out by the headteacher and all the staff in ensuring all children are receiving nurturing and inclusive education.

"Their enthusiasm and dedication to the quality of their children’s education is to be commended.”

Councillor John Millar, vice-convener, said: “The report rightly highlights the leadership, commitment and dedication to ensuring children are not only learning, but thanks to their efforts, are also achieving. I am delighted their hard work has been recognised.”

The full report is available on the Education Scotland website.