A motorist who knocked a cyclist off his bike was fined £500 on Friday. 

Benjamin Lang, 31, struck Alexander Graham, 60, on April 7 2019.

The incident took place on a road between Kirkintilloch and Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire.

Mr Graham - a self-employed builder - told Glasgow Sheriff Court that he had been cut off by a white car on the approach to a red traffic light at a junction.

Mr Graham stated that he had to manoeuvre himself between the car and metal railings to gain balance.

He claimed that he then moved up the railings near the bonnet of the car.

Prosecutor Jessica McGowan asked if something happened when he was doing that.

Mr Graham replied: "The driver of the car who cut in front of me raised his middle finger towards me."

The cyclist claimed that he was "upset" and wondered what he had done wrong.

Miss McGowan asked the witness if he did anything in response.

He replied: "I gestured, shrugging my shoulders like what am I meant to do."

Mr Graham stated the lights changed after 15 seconds before he attempted to push himself forward.

He said: "That's when I got hit on the side."

Miss McGowan asked: "Where were you hit?"

Mr Graham said: "I was knocked off my bike and hit on the right leg...it was over very quick, I was hit on the side of my leg.

"I have a problem with my knee which was brought to the fore."

The witness stated that the car then moved away fast and overtook the car in front of it.

Miss McGowan asked how Mr Graham felt about the incident.

He replied: "I was shocked, when cycling I have adrenaline running, I couldn't believe what happened."

Mr Graham was initially helped by a witness before a passer-by took him to a police station to report the matter.

He stated that he later attended physio for his knee and a shoulder injury he also suffered as a result.

The witness added that he still has shoulder pain and continues to do exercises on it.

Lindsay Gaughan, defending, put it to Mr Graham that he was the one who went over the car when making off.

He replied: "No...I didn't deliberately veer off into the car."

Lang, also of Kirkintilloch, faced a charge of assaulting Mr Graham to his injury, permanent impairment and to the danger of his life.

There was an alternative charge of dangerous driving to Mr Graham's injury.

However, the jury found Lang guilty of careless driving.

It was revealed that Lang - a self-employed builder - has a previous conviction for careless driving from 2020.

Sheriff Joan Kerr added nine points to his licence as well as the fine meaning that Lang will be disqualified from driving for six months.