Council bosses are considering more park and ride sites on the edges of the city as part of strategic transport plans, a meeting heard. 

New potential park and ride sites include Possilpark, Summerston and Maryhill, Parkhead and Carmyle, Castlemilk and Silverburn. 

Transport chiefs have been presenting ideas including a free public city centre transport pilot, new parking zone rules and fast track bus corridor routes among others.

Speaking at a committee this week, councillor Anthony Carroll, Scottish Greens, pointed out how the potential park and ride sites seemed to connect to bus services instead of rail.

He asked if there was enough confidence in the bus services to base park and ride facilities on them.

Answering his query at the economy, housing transport and regeneration city policy committee this week, a council official said the site suggestions are “indicative” only and will be the subject of consultation.

She pointed out the definition of park and ride is up for discussion and could also include ‘park and stride.’ The potential suggestions have emerged as part of councillors being presented with Part 2 of the Glasgow Transport Strategy, a Spatial Delivery Framework document this week.

Proposals are due to go out for consultation in August – with strategies aiming to boost sustainable means of travel options among other goals. 

Council transport manager Chris Paterson told the committee this week that the second part of the Glasgow transport strategy takes policies and adds a “spatial dimension” to them to help with decision making.

Other transport proposals being progressed as part of the transport strategy process includes Clyde Metro, bus corridors, mobility hubs and freight distribution.

Councillors agreed to note the contents of the report to committee and the next steps on public consultation.

A council report presented to the committee said: “The purpose of the Spatial Delivery Framework is to provide greater transparency over the Council’s aspirations for sustainable transport. It also aims to guide project development, consultation and decision-making.”