Footage showing a departing Rangers ace singing at a wedding has become a hit online.

In the TikTok, which was uploaded by Scottish music duo Saint Phnx, Scott Arfield can be seen, singing and playing the guitar.

According to the caption, the midfielder was performing at his best friend's wedding, where he was the best man.

@saintphnx Scott Arfield as best man singing to his best mate at his wedding 🫡 #fyp #rangers #bestman #wedding #scottarfield #rangersfc ♬ Red Brake Lights - SAINT PHNX

The footballer left Rangers at the end of this season after five years, where he was beloved by fans.

Many came to the comment section to show their love.

One person said: "Played for the famous, looking amazing in his kit, in a suit, playing guitar and singing, stunning! Seriously, this man is perfect!"

Another added: "Why that man never got a new contract, I will never know, there's only one Scotty Arfield."