Glasgow-born actor Robert Carlyle says he has previously been offered roles in blockbuster superhero movies, but turned them down because he did not “fancy the tights or capes”.

The Trainspotting star, 62, who grew up in the city's Maryhill said “kitchen sink dramas” were his “home and territory” and he preferred playing roles that gave voices to those who “don’t generally get heard”.

It comes as Carlyle reprises his famous role of Gaz from the 1997 hit film The Full Monty, which followed six unemployed South Yorkshire steel workers who turn to stripping to make ends meet.

UK premiere for The Full MontyThe Trainspotting star, 62, said ‘kitchen sink dramas’ were his ‘home and territory’ (Danny Lawson/PA)

He now stars in a new Disney+ spin-off series, set 25 years later, alongside original cast members including Mark Addy, Steve Huison and Lesley Sharp.

Speaking to the Chris Moyles Show on Radio X, Carlyle said he had “skirted around” the world of big budget movies for around 20 years.

“It’s not for me… I’ve always been at home with kitchen sink dramas, that’s my home, that’s my territory,” he said.

“It’s where I’m from, those are my people and I like to represent that, and giving voices to people that don’t generally get heard.”

Asked by Moyles about a possible part in a Marvel film , he replied: “I don’t fancy the tights and the cape really.

“I’ve been offered them but, nah.”

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