Bogus workmen conned a pensioner into paying £22,000 for "unsatisfactory" roof repairs.

John Forrest, 38, and Kevin Russell, 43, scammed Carol Primrose, 81, between August and November 2020.

Forrest, of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, cold-called Carol stating that she needed her roof repaired.

He sporadically attended her home in Bishopbriggs and requested thousands in payments on six occasions.

After the repairs were found to be faulty, Russell, of Aberdeen, attended to do the job and asked for further payment.

An independent surveyor later stated that the work was "exceptionally poor" and would cost Carol £14,000 to rectify the damage.

Forrest and Russell pleaded guilty on Wednesday at Glasgow Sheriff Court to a single fraud charge.

The court heard that Forrest told Carol that her garage and house roofs were in need of urgent repair.

Carol was unaware of needing work done but accepted the job.

Forrest attended on August 12 and requested £1500 via bank transfer to his own account.

Forrest - sometimes with others - attended "sporadically" over the next two weeks.

Prosecutor Darren Harty said: "Forrest was only ever at the property for a couple of hours at a time and the victim cannot recall if any work was being carried out while he was there."

Forrest requested a further £4000 and £2000 which Carol paid to the same account.

Joiners working at the property discovered a leak where Forrest had been working.

This was brought to Carol's attention who then asked Forrest to rectify the issue.

Mr Harty said: "Forrest agreed and on August 24, he requested a further £6000 to be transferred to him."

He went on to ask for another £5000 on the two days that followed which was also paid.

Mr Harty added: "From August 12 to August 26, Carol paid a total of £18,500 via online bank transfer to Forrest."

The fiscal depute stated that the work was "very slow and sporadic" and it all but stopped in September 2020.

Due to concerns over legitimacy, Carol contacted Forrest who stated that he was ill with coronavirus and would be unable to complete the job.

He apologised and claimed he would arrange for someone to attend and finish the work.

Russell attended Carol's home in November 2020 and went onto the roof.

Mr Harty said: "He requested a payment from Carol of £3500 and provided his bank account details as well as a receipt."

At the end of the month, Carol and her nephew reported the matter to the police.

Arrangements were made with trading standards to inspect the work through an approved surveyor.

Mr Harty said: "The surveyor concluded that the works carried out were completed to an unsatisfactory standard.

"He also provided eight recommendations that should be carried out to fix the issues created by the men.

"He stated that it will cost Carol £14,000 to have the damage caused by them to be rectified.

"The report states that the work carried out is exceptionally poor and the value of the work is £0."

Both men were traced and while Forrest gave a no-comment interview, Russell admitted working on the roof and asking for the cash to be put in his bank.

Sentence was deferred and both men were bailed pending background reports until next month by Sheriff Daniel Kelly.