A NORTH Lanarkshire school has been praised by inspectors following a recent visit.

The Education Scotland team identified a number of key strengths at Chryston Primary including “polite, well-mannered and attentive children who are welcoming and friendly.”

The report said: “The new headteacher is focused on strengthening learning and teaching. She is committed to raising attainment and is putting processes in place to help achieve this.

“Across the school, teachers make the intended learning very clear with children. Staff help children understand how and when they have achieved success. This is helping children to understand the purpose of their learning and celebrate their accomplishments.”

The inspectors added: “Children are independent and enthusiastic learners who take pride in their school.”

The report recommended two areas for improvement, which were discussed with the headteacher and a representative from North Lanarkshire Council.

It said: “Senior leaders and staff should develop more personalised ways to plan and assess children’s learning. This will help ensure that all children experience activities which are set at the right level of difficulty.

“Senior leaders and staff should analyse the data they collect about children’s learning. This will give them a better understanding of how well children are attaining as they move through the school.”

The full report is available on the Education Scotland website.