More than £650,000 is needed to carry out repairs on Ruchill Community Centre so it can reopen to the public, a councillor has confirmed.

Renovation of the building was initially expected to cost £262,000 before it was realised the roof had asbestos and would need to be completely replaced. 

Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life are in discussions on how to proceed but without an “appropriate” budget is unable to complete the work necessary to make the building safe to the public. 

During the most recent full council meeting, Labour councillor Fiona Higgans asked the convenor for culture, sport and international relations, Bailie Annete Christie, when the centre would finally reopen. 

Councillor Christie advised members that in 2022, a sum of £1.1 million was allocated in the 2022/23 budget to provide support to reopen Glasgow Life community venues but that it was not possible to provide an opening date for the centre. 

She said: “Of that £262,000 was allocated to Ruchill Community Centre to undergo capital works to assist them in the reopening of the building.

“As you are aware Glasgow Life have been working closely with city building to determine the work and associated costs required to undertake the repairs in Ruchill Community Centre that would allow it to reopen safely.

“There have already been repairs to the fire exit stairs and main entrance which were completed by the end of 2022. Workers were also instructed to repair the roof and gutters in order to ensure the venue was made wind and water tight.

“The initial plan was to overlay a replacement roof on the existing roof which does contain asbestos. Unfortunately it was determined that the existing roof was unable to bear the weight of the overlay and it would therefore need to be fully replaced.

“Due to this work having to be re-scoped and the high level inflation in the construction sector, the estimated cost for this now exceeds £650,000, far in excess of the budget Glasgow Life has for these works.”

It was also pointed out that this is not a final figure and that final costs may be even higher than that. 

Councillor Christie said: “Once the final cost regarding asbestos removal is the overall shortfall can be confirmed and discussions between Glasgow Life and Glasgow City Council for potential funding can continue.

“It is not possible to give a reopening date of Ruchill Community Centre at this time however Glasgow Life will provide an update toward members as soon as possible once the budgetary information is clarified. 

“The people of Ruchill do have access to community facilities managed by Glasgow Life.”