South Lanarkshire Council has launched a campaign aimed at keeping the area clean this summer. 

The local authority is urging locals to protect and respect their communities during the summer months as anti-social behaviour, particularly littering, vandalism and graffiti can be rife during this period, impacting local streets and parks. 

The council is happy to support and work alongside local communities with the key aim to respect the surroundings. 

Chair of the housing and technical resources committee, councillor Davie McLachlan, said: “The summer months, when schools are on holiday and we enjoy warmer, longer days and nights, inevitably mean more of us are outdoors using and sharing our streets and spaces.

“If we all treat the places where we live and get together as important and to be taken care of, it makes a genuine difference to the entire community.

“We have so many fantastic local parks, streetscapes and open spaces in South Lanarkshire that are enjoyed with real respect by the majority. Let’s continue to do that over the summer and work together to call out the minority who don’t.

“These are our communities, our people, and our spaces. So, let’s all protect and enjoy South Lanarkshire together.”

The council has offered a range of tips for locals to adopt to keep the area clean.

Those include disposing of rubbish when at parks in the area, not leaving broken glass around, looking after public and shared amenities and disposing of materials such as barbeques very carefully to protect the countryside. 

And residents can report anti-social behaviour issues to the council’s team on 0800 389 1105 or by emailing: